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Welcome to our Wee Ones Infant room!


Welcome to our non-mobile infant room. This room has a capacity of eight infants. If we have more than four infants in this room, there will be two teachers to support the 1:4 infant to teacher ratio.

It is very important that infants at this age get a great deal of floor time, so you will see lots of toys and activities that will encourage them to develop skills such as neck and upper body strength, sitting, crawling and pulling themselves up to the standing position.

Our infant classrooms have been designed to encourage exploration. Altoona 8th Street enforces safe sleep procedures for infants and does not use bouncy seats or swings in our infant rooms.

We believe a strong care giver relationship promotes language development and social emotional skills. We have eliminated any stationary "activity centers" that limit mobility or an opportunity for a caregiver to interact with our babies. Our infants are bounced, rocked, and played with by a teacher versus a device.


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