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 Welcome to our School-age room

This room has the capacity for up to 20 children. If we have more then 15 at any one time we would have two teachers. We transport children to and from school in the Altoona area. Willowbrook is the hub of SEP transportation, so what we do is take the children to Willowbrook Elementary where they get on the bus that will take them to each child's perspective school. These schools include, Altoona, Clay, Centennial, Willowbrook, and Delaware elementary.


We offer both before and after school care and full-time care while school is on breaks or closed for in service or weather. During the summer we take the kids many different places through out the summer. Each week during the summer we have: Pool Day, Picnic in the Park, and a Field Trip. We walk to all our adventures. During summer our school agers participate in a camp like curriculum that includes themes, projects, and opportunities to create. 


Ready to join the Altoona 8th Street Child Care family?


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