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Enrollment Paperwork

Ready to Enroll?

See the required list of paperwork and the downloadable documents below.

Enrollment Information

Parents may register the enrollment of their child in Altoona 8th Street by completing the required enrollment documentation. These documents and remitting the $60.00/per child or $100.00/per family registration fee will secure your child’s spot. No classroom opening  will be reserved without placement of the registration fee and completion of required enrollment documents. Altoona 8th Street does not save or guarantee placement without the enrollment requirements submitted. Without these authorizations and medical records upon registration your enrollment will be null in void with forfeit of registration fee. Registration Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Enrollment Document Requirements

Your child’s file must contain:

  • Registration Form

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Current Physical (with physician’s signature and dated within 12 months of enrollment date) 

  • Current Certificate of Immunizations Record

  • All Permissions Form

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