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Our Curriculum


We use Creative Curriculum center wide. Creative Curriculum is a research based curriculum which at it's heart is based on the teachers doing observations of the children every week. The teachers then use the information they obtain from their observations of your child to asses where they are in multiple areas of development. These areas include, Social-Emotional Development, Physical Development, Language Skills, Cognitive Skills, Literacy Skills, Math Skills, Science and Technology, Social Studies, and The Arts.


    Each of these areas of development have 5-6 goals which adjust depending on the age and developmental level of each child.  We then use the information we learn from the assessments to build the individual curriculum for each child's classroom and often on and individual basis for the child when needed. This allows us to make sure there are no big holes in your child's education as we prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.



We also want parents to be aware that children learn best through play. A child's work, is play. Teachers work very hard to set up their rooms and provide the appropriate materials for the children to work with for them to learn both through teacher directed play and child directed play. It takes a lot of work for the teachers, but when their classrooms are set up correctly the best learning environment is one where the children love to play.  

 Ms B's Music and More 
For an additional charge of $20.00 per month we have Ms. B's Music and More program comes into the center to work with the children 18 months and up who’s families choose to have them participate. It is a Music education program that gives children lots of hands on opportunities to learn about many different kinds of musical instruments and styles of music.
Exposure to music and music education has been found to help in language development, reading skills and math skill. This is why we chose to offer families this wonderful opportunity to enrich their child's education. Mr's B comes to the center once a week on Monday's around 9:00 Am, so it doesn't take any time out of a busy parent's schedule for their child to participate.
You can learn more about Ms. Music and More by visiting her on Facebook.


Daily Before and After School Care

We also offer a wonderful before and after school program for children who attend the Altoona area schools. We will transport children directly to Willowbrook Elementary and the SEP bus will stop by and pick up the kids to take them to school for Deleware, Altoona, Centennial, and Clay Elementary schools. We serve breakfast the school age kids up to 7:30 and we also serve snack to them every day after school.


   We also offer care for school age children on no school days such in-service days and snow days. And no worries if school is delayed or if it is dismissed early, we will always stay on top of all the latest weather updates and make sure your child is here with us safe and sound.


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