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Altoona 8th Street Child Care provides 8 different classrooms supporting age-appropriate learning. 

  • We have two infant rooms, each holding up to eight infants. One room is designed for our non-mobile infants while the other classroom provides an exciting environment for our mobile infants.

  • We have one toddler classroom which can hold up to 12 toddlers.

  • We have one 2 year old classroom which can hold 12, 2 year olds.

  • We have two, 3 year old classrooms. Both include preschool as an integrated part of their day. Each of these classrooms hold up to 16 children.

  • We have one 4 year old classroom which highlights our Pre-K program. In this classroom, we are getting these kids all geared up and ready for Kindergarten. This classroom can hold up to 21 children.

  • Lastly we have our school kids classroom which has all of our school kids ages 5-12 for before and after school care as well as caring for them full time during the Summer, Christmas and Spring breaks. 

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