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Welcome to our Zoo Crew

This room is where our toddlers have a roaring time exploring and learning through play. The children in this room are experienced walkers and on the move! This room has a capacity up to ten children with a ratio of 1 teacher to 4 children.


The children in this room are just starting to learn to talk, so our focus is on teaching communication skills, as well as socialization skills. The teachers use books, songs and finger plays to make it fun. This room also starts to try to start to teach some self-help skills such as feeding themselves and hand washing. This room is a lot of fun and it is always busy as children at that age always are.


The teachers in this room also go through many hours of training specific to infants and toddlers. This helps them keep fresh and up to date on all of the latest theories and trends in child care and teaching.

Ready to join the Altoona 8th Street Child Care family?


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