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Welcome to the Wiz Kids

This room is a preschool room with a capacity for up to 15 children. If there are more then 8 children in the room at any one time we would have 2 teachers in the room.

In this class the teacher also uses teacher directed activities as well as child directed activities and focus on children learning through play. This room continues to expand on the children's knowledge of the alphabet and numbers by working on not only recognition but on the letter sounds and that the numerals they now recognize correspond to the actual number of items. They also work to write their numbers, letters and their first names. This room also uses Creative Curriculum to help children continue to develop in these areas of development: Social/ Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, and The Arts.

Our preschool teachers have between 30-40 hrs of training every year. We use Creative Curriculum and Positive Behavioral Support to create an environment in which teaches children to love to learn.


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