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Welcome to the Bumble Bee's


This is our two year old room. There is a capacity for up to twelve children in this room. If there are more then six children at one time in this room, there will always be two teachers. 


The children in this room are starting to  play with each other, rather then just around each other. With this in mind this class room works hard to teach children how to make friends and play nicely together. This is also typically the room where most children are ready to learn how to use the restroom. Our teacher work hard to make that a positive experience by being enthusiastic and encouraging them with songs and many other things to make it fun to be a big kid in the bathroom.


Our teachers in this room also attend many hours of training specific to their age group. Between many hours of training and a great deal of experience, these teachers have a wealth if knowledge to help them make there class engaging and fun.

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